FBI Surveillance Van #42 WiFi Wireless Network

FBI Surveillance Van #42 WiFi Wireless Network

You know something suspicious is happening when you go to check available WiFi networks and you see one named FBI Surveillance Van #42. Who would have thought FBI vans are equipped with wireless internet transmitters.

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79 Responses to “FBI Surveillance Van #42 WiFi Wireless Network”

  1. Nick Says:

    Omg I’m scared my wi fi on my iPhone says there’s the FBI surveillance van #42 is right outside my house!

  2. yoshinoya Says:

    They were over here yesterday I picked up the signal on
    My iMac. I’m being watched. Maybe
    They’re goin to charge me with smoking
    Too much weed.

    It’s FBI for sure though. Cause in my area
    There’s old people and they don’t have a mind
    Set like that.

    Maybe America is getting so poor
    And petty that they’re now making
    Cases out of stealing wifi.

    Or it could be who you socialize your self
    With. Some of my associates are no
    Saints but they are definitely not fed worth.

  3. Flowers Says:

    I have one showing up on my printer but it is #173

  4. whyme Says:

    saw one today why trying to see why my internet has slowed way down. but it said #3. man i was spooked.

  5. will Says:

    ya’ll are retarded… its a joke…

  6. Fox Says:

    i’m sittin’ here at work, 2 SUVs and a van pulled into the parking lot next to the facility i work at and now i’m seeing 3 wifi hotspots, FBI Surveillance Van #33, #12, and #37, this is gettin’ wierd

  7. Nick Says:

    Fox I dare you to go and talk to the people that own the vans XD

  8. Fox Says:

    lol i’ve dealt with the FBI before, and they drove off about 5 minutes ago and the network dissappeared from the active list 3 seconds after

  9. angie Says:

    I live at a camp ground and I picked up fbi sur. van 72 yesterday. and the guy next door didnt so u bet im wondreing what did i do.

  10. Bob Smith Says:

    I just saw the same thing, but it was FBISURVEILLANCEVAN47. In the Walmart parking lot in Flagstaff, AZ. These dolts better figure this out soon!

  11. daliteskin1 Says:

    theres a fbi surveillance van #86 on mine…first time i seen it

  12. Axmahunt Says:

    Okay, i started seeing a Network on my wireless list , i see it every day but it comes and goes. Somedays it will be at 5 bars and other days 1 or 2 but it only stays on my list for a few minutes then disappears. So i googled it and found a who shit ton of other people talking about it. Now whats going on? FBI surveillance van #42. Sun Prairie, WI

  13. Nick Says:

    It’s nick from Dec. 12 apparently one of my friends spotted FBI Sur. Van #62 on his wifi spots and there’s more an more FBI van going around, anybody else noticing??

  14. william Says:

    Hi guys,

    My quad core mac with wireless has been picking up FBI van #28 for weeks now. When I looked out my bedroom window there was a white Dodge four wheel drive pickup cruising the parking lot of my apartment complex. I could see the glow of his screen so I went outside and it definitely was apolice vehicle as it had black rims an antenna on the roof which was small. The vehicle had all the looks of a FBI vehicle. He left the lot before I could stop him and ask him what he was doing.

  15. Natasha Says:

    theres been one showing on my computer that says “FBI surveillance van 7”

  16. Heather Says:

    I have been picking up a random “FBI PIZZA VAN” on my mobile wifi networks. I have never seen it on my home wireless networks, nor have I seen it at home. I have seen it three times in three different places in the city. The first time I seen it I thought it was a joke. The second time I seen it I thought it maybe an elaborate joke. I got paranoid the third time. Is it just a joke? Am I paranoid? Maybe it is a virus? Thoughts?

    -Duluth, MN

  17. Katrina Says:

    i had the same one & #42 here too.. im in ny btw

  18. Axmahunt Says:

    Okay! So i’m fighting back! This Fed jackass is gonna be shitting his pants next time he turns his computer on, checks his wireless connection and happens to notice my new SSID! “PatchTheLeaksOrTheShipWillSink” Boom, Done! No longer Scurd..

  19. BLT Says:

    Glad to see others noticing this. I’ve been seeing FBI van #024 off and on along with Massive Porn Virus at the same time. They have poor reception and will disappear after I try to connect or after a few minutes. I’ve never seen the van though (it may be around the block). Northern Virginia

  20. No Way Says:

    This is real, I seen it while living in the middle of nowhere, with no neighbors for miles. It said CIA Net. Again in Florida three months ago: FBI Surveillance Van #3. And today in Michigan, except #1. This is real. They use reverse psychology, so you think no one would be dumb enough to use that name, so they gt away with it. These vans are all over America apparently.

  21. No Way Says:

    This is real, I seen it while living in the middle of nowhere, with no neighbors for miles. It said CIA Net. Again in Florida three months ago: FBI Surveillance Van #3. And today in Michigan, except #1. This is real. They use reverse psychology, so you think no one would be dumb enough to use that name, so they get away with it. These vans are all over America apparently.

  22. p Says:

    yeah there hare i see theme houston tx van#42

  23. Bri Says:

    CIA2 here in NC been there for a couple weeks

  24. c Says:

    Well I’ve been at three seperate friends places at different times and days where I’ve notices FBI surviellence van 12 pop up. It’s almost to strange to be a coincidence

  25. A Says:

    for the past few days I’ve seen “FBI Surviellence van 12” pop up on my networking

  26. marlin Says:

    Lately, there has been an FBI surveilence #3 in my neighborhood. It has been showing up for about a week, now. It seems like once I click on my wireless connections icon, it’s there, then in about a second, it disappears. What’s going on????

  27. Tim Says:

    Had FBISurveilanceVan a couple days ago. After I saw it, my internet pooped out on me. I didnt think to much of it, but starting to get paranoid now lol. I have no criminal history or anything. Strange indeed…here in Utah

  28. Eric Says:

    I’ve been getting a CIA_Surveillance_Car_#372 for the last couple of months, I live by a university, so there’s students moving in and out all the time. Is there a way to confirm wether it is real, or false?

  29. hailey Says:

    Today have had fbi survelliance poping up in net work availability. Then it goes away and when it comes back all networks are unavailable or i get kicked off. Hummmm

  30. kok Says:

    Saw the same fbi surveillance van 42 & 43 today, Gainesville, fl

  31. c Says:

    yes folks…these vans are everywhere!! watching you. and watching while people are raped and kidnapped. they are everywhere!!! yet never anywhere they can save people.
    Give your head a shake people.

    or..is it aliens????

  32. wendy Says:

    In northern Colorado and same thing…FBI blah blah blah pppttt. Looked outside but didn’t see anything. They had to be close though, I live in the country. I thought this was a free country?

  33. beth Says:

    Got new laptop with windows 8, and at a CA airport picked up “FBI surveillance van #37” and then again local police surveillance when i got home in another state…. psychological tactics? Or are these units just everywhere?

  34. Steph Says:

    Ive noticed that after 8pm this networks start showing up “FBI SURVALIENCE VEHICLE”. They didn’t even spell surveillance correctly. WTF I’m really scared. My family has been really suspicious toward our neighbors. We think they deal drugs. I just need to know is this a freakin joke or what.

  35. d king Says:


    They are working way across country la i be in..notice feb. In maine.. just here in la… f us all…like they are mapping

  36. mick Says:

    I saw one today at Starbucks in Olympia, WA, and laughed, and quickly changed my phone SSID broadcast to “AlQaeda Hotspot”

  37. JT Says:

    there is one up here that keeps coming back, dont know what they r after but I hope they get the drug suckers in town :>, other than that, they need to get the hell out of my wifi

  38. sean Says:

    I found a FBI serveillance van 3 on my network today i live in franklin nh. whats wierd is that only FBI is capitalised. someone moved in to an apartment yesterday 3 places down. we just got a new wireless router today and we got the fbi serveillance van 3 on it. and to top it off my sister and i were leaving to go to the store when she was walking to the car, 2 cars started to pull up i figured it was the nebor so i moved up. no it was 2 crownvictorias one pulled behind me and the other pulled kitty corner on the sidewalk accross the street. it was dark but i know what a ford crown victoria parking lights look like im a car nut. i asked her if they were cops she said there were no lights or markings on them i told her they are there just inside the grill and windows.

  39. Stacey Says:

    I was sooooooo spooked I seen FBI blahh pop up as well. I’m freaked out and k don’t even do anything. I’ve read on other sites that this is a ssid prank name or whatever. And maybe its just a coincidence that you guys see vans n cars. Because. Even I find myself 2nd guessing my surroundings :0 !!help

  40. Melissa Says:

    I was at bar and went through my wifi settings and there it was FBISURVALIANCEVAN as a network. Crazy thing I had good wireless connection well once I left bar 3 minutes later a friend called and said that the FBI network is no longer showing up for wifi connections.. wtf is this shit real

  41. Boobie Says:

    Ok I live in the Tri-City’s, in washington and Every where I go I see FBI Surveillance Van on my wifi, Is this a joke??? IS the FBI that vain that they just announce there presence… Hey were watching you!!!! Besides what is the FBI even for? I don’t committ NO! crimes, with the acception of jay-walking… Pot’s legal here. So I want to know just what they do? Even if it wasn’t I got a license last year….

  42. Boobie Says:

    In all these posts people say there’s a number after the FBI Surveillance Van but there’s not on any of the networks here….

  43. Melissa Says:

    Off and on last few weeks here…. #43… Garber, Oklahoma

  44. Ethan Rogers Says:

    Ok, lol listen to this. Last week. By myself. I live in the Boondocks of southern michigan. nobody has wifi, not even myself. BUT! i have an IPhone. on my Iphone it said, “FBI Surviellance van 3” and i decided to go for a drive. no van, i kept checking my wifi as i was driving. Nothing. got back to my house, nothing for about two hours then it appeared for about 2 minutes. i called everyone i knew, sent pictures i snapshot and my phone stopped working, and i couldnt get it to work for the longest time. so when it started to work again, i couldnt see it on my wifi! i was scared. but whatever i still got all my gun, obama, feds, and even you aint taking these BABIES!!!! -Ethan Rogers

  45. Ethan Rogers Says:

    And that day, a white, a black, and two chevy SUV’s have been by my house. and people i dont knw have been following me.

  46. Alien Says:

    Everyone that see this network should download an app called Wifi Radar to there android or apple device and see where its coming from….. Let me know what you think

  47. GImp Says:

    You are all incredibly gullible and dumb.

  48. Linda Says:

    Gimp said we “are all incredibly gullible and dumb”? I just moved to a small community in country. Trying to use my hot spot on iPhone has been blocked and not working at times. At these times I notice FBI surveillance van on my list of networks. I just noticed IRS on list today. Funny–every time I look outside there is a white van with 2 hispanic men just sitting there in a unmarked vehicle-I’ve also seen them get out of the van and go inside one of the vacant homes. I have a new neighbor who works for Verizon. I’m going to see what he thinks. I’ll let everyone know if I find out what it is.

  49. Linda Says:

    It’s my neighbor’s network. LOL. We don’t know about the guys sitting in the van outside though. Also, we have no idea about the IRS network. Probably another joke.

  50. JB Says:

    LOL can’t. stop. laughing.

  51. Boobie Says:

    I’m reading these comments to my husband, he says maybe its the people who don’t see it that are being watched.

  52. Boobie Says:

    Here’s what I say BRING IT ON BOYS!!!!

  53. Larry Says:

    Fbi vans 103 and 208 in Wilmington NC today for hours

  54. Larry Says:

    Fbi vans 103 and 208 in Wilmington NC today for hours. I thought it was a joke but we do have some mid-eastern folks in area recently….

  55. Paragig Says:

    All of this is due to the goverment recording everybodies information does anybody watch the news?Hook up a wifi booster to enhance signal and you will see they are collecting ips

  56. Paragig Says:

    What i say is a civil war against feds pay no taxes and impeach obama

  57. truthbetold2014 Says:

    Ever smoked weed and it seems like everyone is looking at you, following you, or you hear things in your house just because you just got done watching Scream 2? Same thing. Your mind is playing tricks on you. Aint no damn FBI watching no body unless your ass has threaded the President. I have noticed it on my wifi also. It pops up every weekend. Best thing to do it call their bluff by looking up something illegal just to see what happens. It’s only your neighbors naming their wifi that name. Everyone is so paranoid these days. That is exactly what the GOV wants us to be. If you scare the people, then you control them. Life is too short. DO what the fuck you want while giving them the middle finger. Only thing to fear is fear yourself, or your mama witha belt!

  58. Nikki44 Says:

    I saw FBIsurveilancevan#3 in Gainesville, FL today. Ive read people have also seen #3 in two other states. I doubt they travel that fast. No unusual vans or cars in my neighborhood. You really think the FBI would advertise their WIFI that blatantly. I wouldn’t worry about it. And even if it was legit, nothing anyone can do about it.

  59. Nikki44 Says:

    I saw FBIsurveilancevan#3 in Gainesville, FL today. Ive read people have also seen #3 in two other states. I doubt they travel that fast. No unusual vans or cars in my neighborhood. You really think the FBI would advertise their WIFI that blatantly. I wouldn’t worry about it. And even if it was legit, nothing anyone can do about it.

  60. angelita Says:

    I picked up a FBI surveillance van #2 I’m in NM. Very strange. Never have seen this before!

  61. Aussie guy Says:

    I live in Australia and these reports sound very startling,
    I don’t know if these are happening in aus
    As well. :/
    If any reports of this in Australia please comment
    I’d like to know.

  62. djm Says:

    the random FBI surveillance SSID’s are starting to piss me off in my neighborhood

  63. K H Says:

    Webberville Mi. showed up on mine as f.b.i. surveillance van 7 so I posted screw you, read the constitution.

  64. Slick Says:

    Slick, they are watching me and have been for months. Don’t know why but everywhere I go it has the same wifi address and its a tactical team. All I can tell them is get fucked

  65. Slick Says:

    Slick I’m in texas to so there is know coincidence y’all being watched too. It’s not just one vehicle or two that follows u. They move in your neighborhood and try to play the part of being normal. What they don’t know is I have the connection to run plates and the persons driving so they are under survelence too.

  66. Slick Says:

    I’m watching them watch me. Haha

  67. debmiz1 Says:

    My router has a lot on it. FBI surveillance 1379, WENDY, Netgear89 Was wondering.

  68. debmiz1 Says:

    I live in Montana

  69. Romy Says:

    I have had fbi surveillance van on my network for over 3 months now. It comes and goes. When I do see it however, it kills my internet. Im still connected but its extremely slow. When it goes away, then my internet goes back to normal. I had the cable company come out today and bring a new modem. It actually showed up when the cable guy was here. I actually called some tech support I found on google and the guy told me this is a serious malware infection. He said it was developed and ran by the Russian Mafia and the goal is to steal people’s identity and get your bank account info. This seems more logical then the FBI spying on millions of americans. However, I called the FBI today and asked them about it. It was a bit freaky. The agent on the phone said, they could neither confirm or deny that this was the actual fbi. It makes more sense that it is a virus or malware. What is surprising is, i own only macs and it effects my internet on all my macs.

  70. Roger Says:

    I live in New Zealand and I get the fbi radar van signal on my network.

  71. Icey949 Says:

    So out side my house it has two wifi networks;
    1) FBI Survallience
    2) HomeLand Security

    These randomly pop in and out every few minutes like it’s refreshing or something. They come up on my Iphone. Why does this mean? I’m in Queen Creek Arizona

  72. Steve Says:

    Here’s the problem though:

    Incident 1 for me was when I was traveling for work through Atlanta airport, and stopped to eat and connect to wifi to use my mail.
    “FBI Survellance Vehicle” was listed.
    Then, I was at a rest stop once near DC, trying to tether my computer to my iPhone, and “FBI Surveillance Van” was listed.
    Just two days ago, I’m at my dads in Florida, I’m attempting to connect to his wifi, and “FBI Surveillance Station” was listed.
    I doubt it was three pranks. The guy who lives behind my dad is a cop of some type.
    I think these are real, and the arrogant govt just doesn’t care.
    And if it scares the public, perfect. As a wifi cycles itself, the name will pop up momentarily.

  73. BAHAHA Says:

    I have a WiFi on my PC and it is called NSASurveillanc… and I yet to see any van’s/cars that stay in a spot for over a week??

  74. king Says:

    I’ve had fbisurveillancevan2 everywhere i go on my wifi i mean I’ve been out in the middle of nowhere with no cars or vans in sight and it still shows constantly

  75. garrett Says:

    CIA RADAR VAN im picking up.cant find where they are but its been here for a month. Ive been trying too hack my way in too no sucsess.

  76. sam crockett Says:

    FBI Surveillance van ssid showed up in Kittery Trading Post parking lot on my nephew’s prepaid phone. We had driven from Boston and his phone said ”no network connection.’We asked inside the store and no one knew anything.

  77. fyre king Says:

    It was on my buddy’s phone and we were in the middle of nowhere hunting, f.b.i.#27 .in range. Not possible where we were. Not on my phone though. I started asking around, and it is on my ex’s phone too but never appears on mine. Would like to get a real answer, somthin is up, i don’t think every one is being followed though.

  78. M.Libby Says:

    On Dec.4th bought a prepaid digital phone that we turned on after a full charge. We never programed or created ANY gmail accounts, just used the photo app over Xmas. Phone was left on till battery dead. After recharge we noticed a new Gmail/email account, but G+ app never used.How did it enter our new android? It gets better. The couple downstairs have a personal PC through Roadrunner. Their PC email utilizes Gmail for one account, which is T——@gmail.com. The new unauthorized Gmail account on our unregistered android is T——1@gmail.com. That’s it! Almost identical as the downstair neighbors account except the #1 is added in the account. It’s as if the spyware got impatient and completed our new Google+ for us based on the only Landline PC account in the building. the spyware assumes everyone in the buiilding is using the only computer. Walmart told us its happened BEFORE!. We havent used the android to show and prove what has happened. One knowledgeable Radio Shack tech. said spyware is built into Chinese products. Anyone else had a similar event? Plus I had the FBI van wifi offshore in our boat. could see no one .

  79. Angelita Says:

    Any one have a CIA Surveillance Van on there’s? I do. What is that all about?

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